Lux Injectable

Body Services

BBL better known as “Brazilian Butt Lift” is a treatment used to create a more sculpted buttock. Filler can be placed in this area with little to no downtime. This treatment is great for the ideal candidate who is looking for a more enhanced buttock area, struggles with stubborn cellulite, or experiences a “hip dip.” During your appointment, Jessica will determine which product will be best for your desired outcome.

A non- surgical breast lift is a great treatment for the ideal candidate who is not wanting to undergo surgery. PDO Threads are used to lift up sagging or laxed tissue. Overtime, the threads will dissolve leaving behind collagen. 

A non-surgical knee lift is a great treatment for laxed or saggy knees. With time, the skin on our knees becomes crepey and saggy. PDO threads will tighten to lift the skin and produce collagen over time.

A stomach lift is an ideal treatment for the candidate who is experiencing sagging, crepey or lose skin in the stomach area. A combination of threads and filler can be used for tightening, lifting and collagen stimulation. 

As we age, hands are one of the quickest ways to tell your age. Dermal fillers are used to restore volume back to your hands and rejuvenate the skin. Dermal filler will also help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal filler will be used to add volume to the ear lobe to restore volume to the area. Ear lobe filler will also help create more support and structure for those experiencing volume loss.