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PDO Cheek Lift

The natural aging process and years of exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to wrinkled and sagging skin, making you look and feel much older.

While surgical facelifts provide a viable solution for restoring your younger-looking appearance, most may feel they are not ready to undergo an extensive procedure or prefer non-surgical procedures over surgical procedures.

If this is the case, a nonsurgical facelift alternative known as a PDO cheek lift may be the best solution for you. If you are considering getting a PDO cheek lift, you have come to the right place.

PDO Cheek Lift in Clearwater, FL

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So, we have got you covered if you have decided to get a thread lift for your cheeks.

What is a PDO Cheek Lift?

It is a kind of cosmetic surgery that aims to make you look younger by enhancing the appearance of your cheekbone. As you get older, you lose facial volume.

The areas around your eyes and cheeks gradually lose skin volume due to lessened collagen production.

As a result, you wind up with dark circles in the tear troughs, a saggy mid-face, and hollow-looking areas around the temples. That results from the sun’s rays and the natural aging process altogether.

PDO thread lift procedure entails solvable threads inserted under the loose skin to lift the problem tissues mechanically. That gives an outcome similar to a surgical facelift.

sagging skin, thread lift to tighten skin

Once the results have been fully achieved, patients usually report having more confidence in their appearance. After a successful PDO cheek lift procedure, you should attain a younger look.

How Our PDO Cheek Lift Works

PDO cheek lift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that is an alternative to a permanent facelift. It is a delicate aesthetic procedure that tightens sagging facial skin, helping your face restore its original curve.

PDO thread lift is a less invasive procedure, minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgical facelifts without the potential risks, downtime, and costs.

Additionally, PDO thread lifts utilize absorbable threads for the procedure rather than permanent threads used in older style cheek lifts. When the absorbable threads are administered into targeted areas around the deep skin layers in your cheeks, they rejuvenate your appearance.

It will tighten the skin around the targeted areas, giving you outcomes similar to conventional surgical procedures, minus the scarring associated with it.

PDO cheek lift will:

  •  Accelerate cell regeneration by increasing your skin’s natural collagen production

  • Mechanically elevate your facial skin

  • Give your skin a tighter, younger look by contracting the fat tissues

  • Improve your skin elasticity and texture, giving you a smooth skin

After the procedure, the PDO sutures get absorbed by your facial tissue after about six months. Yet this does not mean the results of the cheek lift will disappear immediately.

While the absorbable sutures will disappear after this period, the outcome of the PDO thread lift will remain noticeable for about 12 to 18 months. That can be attributed to the effects of the natural collagen fibers the sutures stimulate.

Benefits of Our PDO Cheek Lift

If you are a good candidate for a PDO cheek lift, you will enjoy many benefits of the procedure that traditional surgical procedures do not offer. 

These includes:

Minimal Swelling

PDO cheek lift provides minimal swelling. It is because there is much less skin tissue trauma compared to surgical cheek lifts.

Quick and Easy

The entire PDO cheek lift takes less than an hour. After the treatment, you only need about two to three weeks of recovery time.

More Comfortable

Your practitioner will use local anesthetics at specific points to ease any discomfort during the procedure.

PDO Cheek Lift FAQs

The procedure is completely safe. It is FDA-approved for efficiency and safety. Besides, numerous procedures have been performed without any incidences of serious side effects, thread sensitivities, or allergic reactions.

How do I Prepare for the Treatment?

Since a PDO cheek lift is a non-invasive treatment, you do not need much preparation. But, it would help if you took some preventive measures. These include avoiding high-intensity workouts, alcohol, Ginko, Vitamin E, etc.

Best PDO Cheek Lift in Clearwater, FL

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