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It is incredible how modern scientific advancements have allowed people to look young for the longest time. Descended from the facelift procedure, professionals have developed the neck lift procedure for sagging skin. The most suitable candidates for PDO Neck lifts are people experiencing wrinkled or saggy neck skin. It is specially designed for those who seek to look younger even as the natural aging process catches up.

PDO Neck Lift
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This lift will utilize PDO thread technology to stimulate collagen to add fullness to the neck marionette lines we begin to see with age. The barbed PDO threads will settle into the neck tissue to lift instantly.

PDO Threads

The Polydioxanone (PDO) thread is an absorbable suture that was originally designed to be used during cardiac surgery procedures. It is approved to provide soft-tissue approximation by U.S Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and is considered a safe, minimally-invasive alternative to traditional skin aesthetics.

Threaded PDOs promote the skin’s natural collagen production, smoothen the skin texture, lifts aging skin, and rejuvenate the surface.

There are two kinds of twisted threads used in this procedure:

  • Lifting threads – to reduce swelling in the skin.

  • Smooth threads – that stimulate collagen to increase tightening and increased elasticity of skin and blood flow.

Most patients experience immediate results following a PDO thread lift procedure. The most common reason people go for the PDO thread lift is:

Sagging Skin Tissue and Generally Loose Skin

Lifting thread is used for the removal of saggy skin tissue and pulls the skin back. It has immediate effects, as stated previously. Apart from tightening the skin, a smooth thread increases blood flow in areas it has been induced. It helps define and enables the revolumization of a neck. Thread lift helps reduce wrinkles and tighten loose skin while promoting collagen production.

The insertion of threads on the skin resulting from their anchors causes crease and tightening of the skin. Thread lift progressively rejuvenates loose skin to improve its elasticity.

How to Lift Sagging Skin Tissue Using PDO Thread Lift

Thread lifting in PDO is the most aesthetically nonsurgical skin tightening method of neck lift surgery, eliminating any possible risk of downtime or expense. PDO thread lifts use breathable threads instead of threads used for permanent skin lifting. The absorbable threads can help to rejuvenate the neck area and increase confidence.

PDO Thread Lift Procedure

PDO Thread Lifts with Mint Threads are non-invasive/minimally invasive procedures, usually taking around 45 minutes. It is a procedure that requires minimal recovery time after your treatment session. You can expect to be ready to start your daily routine moments after you have left our office. The procedure involves using sutures with tiny bidirectional cones that can efficiently structure the neck without needing removal.

A skilled professional will use a needle to place the sutures in areas along your neck contour gently.

The results can be noticeable in the first few weeks following the procedure. If side effects like bruises or swellings occur, it could be a while before the results are fully visible. However, these side effects typically decrease within a day, after which your new healthy, youthful look is revealed.

Although PDO thread neck lift gives long-term results, no cosmetic surgery can permanently stop you from aging. For this reason, you will most likely need additional procedures and cosmetic treatments in the future to maintain your results for a longer time.

These fully absorbent threads produce glowing skin over 4-6 months, with measurable results lasting 12-24 months.

Advantages of Neck Lifting Treatment for Sagging Skin

Compared to other treatment options, neck lifting has the following advantages:

  • Neck lifting has a significantly short recovery time.

  • This procedure does not leave any scarring as the thread absorbs completely.

  • A neck lift has instant results making you look years younger moments after the procedure is done.

  • It is proven to be a very safe procedure.

  • Neck lifting procedures are about 80 percent more affordable than surgical procedures.

  • This procedure yields long-term results. You get to enjoy up to 2 years of vibrant, youthful skin.

  • The procedure is done under topical or local anesthesia, which makes it significantly painless and allows you to drive home moments after the procedure is done.

  • The possibility of swelling and bruising is low since it is a minimally invasive procedure.


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