Lux Injectable


A Polydioxanone thread lift is a great non- invasive cosmetic procedure for lifting and tightening laxed skin. This procedure uses a dissolvable suture for lifting, producing collagen and Rejuvenating the skin. PDO threads have been used in Surgeries for decades. PDO threads are FDA approved and safe with little to no side effects. 

During your appointment, PDO Barbed threads will be inserted into the cheek area readjusting the fat pads for an instant lift in the cheek area as well as helping to lift the Nasolabial Folds. Overtime, PDO threads will dissolve, helping to continuously stimulate collagen for an overall improvement

The PDO lip lift is great for the candidate who is experiencing a dropped upper lip. With age we can experience our lips begin to drop giving the effect of a wider philtrum column. A thread lift in this area will help give the lips a natural, beautiful lift while stimulating collagen reproduction in that area.

PDO Jawline lifts are a great treatment for patients who are experiencing elasticity or heaviness within the lower face region. Barbed threads will be gently inserted to help reposition the jowl area for a more defined and tighter jawline. 

PDO Brow lifts will be inserted into the forehead area to create a more youthful eye area. The threads will help to lift hooded eyes, reposition the eyebrows and help lift the tail end of the eyebrows to give you a “Fox eye” result.

The PDO JJ V-Lift will entail barbed threads being placed strategically throughout to give you back the youthful V- Shape of the face.

The Non- Surgical PDO Nose lift is ideal for candidates who are wanting a more lifted tip as well as a more structured bridge. Overtime, the threads will dissolve to leave behind collagen to help build the structure of your nose and lift the tip for your desired look.

PDO Neck lifts are great for candidates who are experiencing a saggy and wrinkled neck. This lift will stimulate collagen to add fullness for the necklace lines we begin to see with age. The barbed threads will settle into the tissue of the neck to lift instantly.

PDO breast lifts are great for the candidate who is not wanting to undergo surgery. The threads will help lift the tissue to give you a more natural desired lift. The threads will also help kickstart Collagen stimulation to help give a little extra fullness to the area as well as tightness of the skin.

PDO Mono threads are equal to spanx for the skin. They create collagen stimulation and production to help with overall tone, texture and fine lines and wrinkles. Mono threads can be added to almost any area of concern and combined with PDO Barbed threads for combination therapy.