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Fire & Ice Facial

Fire and Ice Facial Treatment in Clearwater, FL

Facial treatments are a common skincare treatment with a wide range of benefits for your skin. A good facial can address any number of cosmetic problem areas, but it’s important to make sure you receive facial services from an experienced and trusted dermatological professional who knows how to treat any skin type.

At LUX Injectables, you never have to worry about the skincare treatment you’re receiving. LUX is owned by Jessica Manges, an ARNP with over a decade of experience in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Jessica is known in her field for coming up with new ways to do things, and she has helped thousands of people.

What Are Benefits of Fire and Ice Facial Treatments?

From eliminating dark spots and acne to repairing damaged skin and hyperpigmentation, facials are the perfect treatment to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin. Facial treatments are great for addressing those pesky blackheads and blemishes, dead skin, and other skin conditions that may have you feeling not quite like yourself.

Fire and Ice Facial

The Fire and Ice facial treatment is one of our most popular facial treatments! The Fire is a treatment for rejuvenation that is meant to resurface the skin quickly and safely, giving it a brighter look. The Ice is the next step in this multi-step treatment that includes cleansing, a resurfacing enzyme, exfoliation, extractions, a calming mask, cold globes, as well as a neck and arm treatment.

The facial is then finished with medical-grade products tailored to your skin type.

fire and ice facial treatment

iSClinical Products

The Fire and Ice facial is done with the iSClinical Medical Grade Skincare line, which has some of the most highly-regarded products on the market. Not only do they produce clinically validated skincare products through independent testing, but their products are also sustainable and use high-quality botanical ingredients from around the world. Even their packaging is recyclable to reduce waste!

Why Try Fire and Ice Facial?

Fire and ice facials are incredibly popular for several reasons. Not only will you immediately see results, but there is zero recovery time. If you’ve got a big event, a Fire and Ice facial can be performed the same day without having to worry about experiencing any redness or irritation afterward. It’s also great for all skin types, but especially blemish-prone skin types and acne-prone skin.

How Can I Tell If This Is the Right Treatment for Me?

If you’ve started to notice fine lines and wrinkles, suffer from acne, or have an uneven skin tone, a Fire and Ice facial could be a great treatment option to improve the appearance of these problematic skin conditions and promote cellular renewal.

If you have any questions about the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us at LUX Injectables. We’re happy to walk you through any one of our services and help you make an appointment if you decide it’s right for you.

It is important to note that anyone using retinol should not receive this treatment.

What to Expect From a Fire and Ice Facial at LUX Injectables?

When you step into LUX Injectables in Clearwater, FL,, you’ll be instantly greeted by a clean, modern, and welcoming space. Whether you’re there for your first facial or your 50th, you can expect an individualized experience.

Prior to your appointment, you’ll receive a consultation to ensure that your aesthetic needs and desires are understood and met. Our highly trained staff will provide an explanation for all of the services to be performed at that appointment and will answer any questions you may have to make sure you’re comfortable during the treatments.

The Fire and Ice treatment is a mild facial that consists of two masks. The first mask applied is the iSClinical Fire, which helps to remove dead skin cells. The Ice facial is meant to hydrate and smooth your skin and includes one or more serums to keep your skin glowing.

You can also expect a number of other benefits, including:

  • Minimizing wrinkles and fine lines’ appearance
  • Eliminating rough skin cells
  • Minimizing acne scars
  • Smoothing the surface of your skin
  • Unclog pores through exfoliation
  • Improved blood flow and circulation

What Other Treatments Are Available?

Beyond our signature facial, LUX Injectables offers a number of other facial services, including the LUX Glow Facial, Microneedling, Aqua Gold, Vi Peels, Dermaplaning, and other facial add-ons. Each procedure offers unique benefits, so be sure to schedule a consultation to determine whether or not the treatment you’re seeking is right for you.

But we don’t just stop with facial treatments. We also offer treatments like the famed “Brazilian Butt Life” or BBL; non-surgical Polydioxanone thread lifts for cheeks, lips, brows, jawlines, breasts, knees, and stomachs; dermal fillers; collagen stimulators; and other injectables.

Schedule an appointment today for a free consultation on any one of the treatments we offer. Whether you’re looking to eliminate clogged pores, improve collagen production, or smooth and restore your healthy skin, LUX Injectables has the treatments and services to fit your needs.

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Under the guidance of LUX Injectables‘ founder, Jessica, you’ll be treated by one of the top injectors in the country. No matter the treatment you’re receiving, after a visit to LUX, your skin will thank you.

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