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Lux Glow Facial Treatment in Clearwater, Florida

Good skincare is essential to feeling and looking your best. The Lux Glow Facial is a customizable yet effective facial treatment. It is designed to deliver younger-looking skin by improving textural irregularities, increasing skin elasticity, tightening facial contours, and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, thus erasing years from your appearance without any invasive procedures.

The Lux Glow Facial includes dermaplaning, cleansing, extractions, a light enzyme, jelly mask, and cold globes. You can customize this facial with an Ultrasonic Scrubber, Advanced Extractions, or CBD add-ons!

Lux Injectables elite team works collaboratively with you to design suitable treatments for your skin type.

Remove Dead Skin Cells With Our All-In-One Deep Cleansing Facial in Clearwater, FL

Unappealing facial skin can prevent you from achieving that fresh-looking skin you desire. Luckily, with our all-in-one deep cleansing facial, you can nourish your skin and make it feel refreshed and new.

At Lux Injectables, we offer a service line specially designed for specific skin types and varying skin conditions. We’ve got you covered no matter what your skin needs are, from acne and pigmentation to dry skin and aging.

Get A Radiant Complexion with Lux Glow Facial Treatment

Wake up to a glowing face in less than an hour at Lux Injectables in Clearwater, FL. Our Lux Glow Facial Treatment is targeted for acne and clogged pores and prides itself on a gentle yet thorough extraction treatment that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing.

We offer customized facial treatments, with each treatment done carefully and to perfection. Whether your first or third time visiting our clinic, each appointment begins with a comprehensive skin consultation for the esthetician to tailor the steps and products according to your skin’s needs.

Customized Cosmetic Procedure for Healthy Skin

The customized facial procedure at Lux Injectables is admired for being precise and professional. It uses pure, active ingredients and is done by highly trained professionals. We offer custom facial treatments that use the best products in the beauty industry.

We’ve developed a protocol designed to stimulate a change in your skin’s condition at a cellular level. We tailor each cosmetic procedure to the client’s lifestyle, hormonal health, nutrition, heredity factors, and amount of sleep, stress, and sun exposure.

Our comprehensive facial treatments include;

1. Lux Signature Facial

Uncover beautiful, glowing, and healthy-looking skin with our face peels that help to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Our expert facialist matches our facial treatments to your unique skin type and condition. This rejuvenating treatment starts with a thorough skin analysis, then a deep cleanse, a soothing toning, and an exfoliating scrub for the face and neck.

We have both glycolic peels and clinical peels, so you can choose the one that works best for your skin. Combined with other facial treatments, these peels provide an all-around experience that hydrates and restores the skin’s vibrancy, helping you achieve lasting results. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

2. Light Therapy

With our proven LED (Light Therapy) technology, which restores and repairs the skin, you can start your body’s natural process of cell regeneration. This high-performance facial benefits anyone looking to treat acne, sun damage, rosacea, and other sensitive skin-related conditions.

3. Microdermabrasion

This specialized treatment stimulates collagen production, improves texture, and rejuvenates the complexion for a healthier, clearer, and more even skin tone.

Microdermabrasion removes acne scars and age spots. This is one of our favorite wrinkle treatments, which takes very little time to complete. It uses a handheld device to spray tiny crystals onto the skin’s surface. The crystals scale off the skin layers using suction to remove the dead skin cells.

Once we remove the dead or damaged skin layer, your body will create newer, younger skin cells.

4. A Light Enzyme

This highly effective facial treatment offers a natural alternative to synthetic peels. A mix of enzymes from plants breaks down debris that blocks pores and softens and cleans the skin without irritating it.

The enzymes in the mask strengthen the skin’s structural integrity to create a healthy environment for you to rejuvenate and thrive. It also revitalizes and improves the skin’s complexion and is suitable for all skin types and ages.

5. Advanced Extractions

If you have oily, congested skin and are wondering what the best exfoliating facial is, our advanced extraction is the ideal facial for you. Lux Injectable’s advanced extraction is a deep exfoliating extraction facial offering a deep skin cleanse.

It is suitable for people who suffer from occasional breakouts, have blocked or enlarged pores, and those with oily skin.

We use only the best facial exfoliators to offer a professional-grade exfoliation experience and leave your skin looking plump, firm, clearer, and more even in tone and texture.

Diminished pores, a smoother texture, and visibly hydrated skin complete the picture. It sloughs off dead or extremely damaged skin cells and creates the optimal pH balance for new skin growth. It also prevents free radical damage, which causes lackluster skin and premature aging, by removing the top layer to expose newer skin.

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Lux Injectables is dedicated to the highest quality of beauty treatments delivered with understanding, empathy and care. As a licensed skin care professional, we pride ourselves on offering the best facial treatments in Clearwater, FL. From dry skin to skin with excess oil and aging skin, we have a variety of facial treatments to help revitalize your skin.

Our range of facial treatments leaves your skin looking and feeling plump and radiant while protecting it against environmental damage. We are here to make you feel comfortable, seen, and heard with any treatment or combination of treatments you choose.

Our highly trained and experienced staff are committed to providing the highest quality facial services using the most refined products. Give us a call to book an appointment with our qualified and experienced esthetician.