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PDO Non- Surgical Nose Job

PDO Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-Invasive PDO Non-Surgical Nose Job in Clearwater, FL & Nearby Cities

The Non-Surgical PDO Nose Lift is ideal for candidates who want a lifted tip and a more structured bridge. Over time, the threads will dissolve to leave behind collagen that helps build the structure of your nose. Collagen also lifts the nose tip to give you your desired look. 

At Lux Injectables, we offer this procedure and others to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Here’s a closer look at rhinoplasty and the PDO procedure.


Rhinoplasty refers to nose shaping or nasal reconstruction. As the years go by, the aging process may take its toll on your face. It causes sagging skin and superficial wrinkles, resulting in facial aging. A surgical facelift may restore your appearance and make you feel younger. However, many people want to avoid surgery and the procedure’s extensive nature altogether.

The PDO non-surgical nose job may be the perfect solution.

The Non-Surgical Nose Job

PDO Thread Nose Job

For a long time, the term “rhinoplasty” was about the surgical nose job. However, with advances in technology, non-surgical nose jobs are now available. The problem with surgical nose jobs is that they are painful and require that you invest time and money. Therefore, most people will slip it in during their surgical facelift or opt for a non-surgical nose job.

The non-surgical nose job, also called non-surgical rhinoplasty, is a good alternative to the painful, expensive, and time-consuming surgery. The options include the PDO non-surgical and the liquid nose job.

At Lux Injectables, you can get either of the two. Here is a look at what to expect during your non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Looking For A PDO Non-Surgical Nose Job in Clearwater, Florida?

The nose is the most central part of the face. You may have a crooked nose, and as your facial volume decreases due to age, it draws more attention. Therefore, it makes sense that you may desire a straight nose with more definition. 

The PDO non-surgical nose job will help you achieve all that without surgery. Lux Injectables offers the best environment for this minimally invasive treatment.

What To Expect During the Non-Surgical Procedure

After applying a local anesthetic, the specialist places the smooth threads along the nasal bridge. The septum and the height give the nose projection. Placing them under the skin also elevates the nose tip and bridge.

PDO Thread Nose Job

It also stimulates collagen production. Collagen provides a sustainable lift and more permanent results for the nose. You will only experience some minor side effects and discomfort. The local anesthetic will help with any pain. Minor swelling and bruising may also occur, but these should resolve within a few days.

The procedure will take about 45 minutes. The number of threads the specialist uses will be about 10 to 12. However, it depends on your individual needs. Contact Ms. Jessica or the spa if symptoms persist or you encounter complications.

The Results

The PDO thread lift gives you a smoother, more natural-looking effect without surgery. Most patients notice results in the treatment area within a week or two. These results typically last for one to two years. However, it depends on how quickly your body absorbs the threads. If you do the procedure again within nine months, the effect is more likely to last longer.

Ms. Jessica may add a liquid rhinoplasty or nose job to the PDO thread lift to make it work better. It takes advantage of the best parts of both procedures and will make your nose look better.

Here is a brief look at the liquid nose job.

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Liquid Nose Job

It is the most common non-surgical alternative to avoid surgery. A liquid nose job, or rhinoplasty, addresses asymmetry, drooping nasal tips, and dorsal bumps. The specialist injects dermal fillers into your nose to reshape and contour it. They use the same fillers in the lip borders and cheeks.

The procedure has minimal cost and downtime. However, the results are not permanent and will typically last for a year.

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Are You Looking for Non-Surgical Treatment in Clearwater, Florida? Welcome to Lux Injectables

Lux Injectables, a one-of-a-kind Med Spa, is the best in Tampa Bay and the neighboring communities. We specialize in medical aesthetics and advanced injectables. You can also be sure that Ms. Jessica Manges uses the latest technology with a modern touch.  The environment is clean and professional. We provide you with the comfort you need as you receive only the best services.

Cosmetic treatments like the PDO thread lift and liquid rhinoplasty are delicate procedures that require mastery. Jessica Manges is a master, and her results speak for themselves. She will help you achieve your aesthetic goals and feel more confident. Check out our website for more information.

You can also call us to book an appointment or a consultation today.

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