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What You Need To Know About Thread Lifts?

Having a firm face is associated with good health and young age. That is why people of middle or old age seek to reduce the appearance of their wrinkles by creating a more lifted face. Hollywood stars and other celebrities may have affected the way people perceive beauty, and that is why they may seek different types of procedures to achieve a certain look.

Whatever the case may be, there is a need for rejuvenation and to fight against the natural aging process. That is especially true for sagging skin, facial aging, facial volume loss in skin tissue, marionette lines, and wrinkled skin. There is an increasing demand for accounting for the aging process altogether without the need for an extensive procedure.

If you are looking for help with a minimally invasive procedure to stimulate collagen production, please discuss your options with our team at Lux Injectables today.

We are pleased to provide you with options like a PDO thread lift in Clearwater, FL.

A PDO Thread Treatment Session Can Address Sagging Skin and Provide Smooth Skin

Facial laxity is a problem we face today or will face in the future as the years go by. In the past, cosmetic dermatologists considered plastic surgery the only way to solve this problem. However, a new method has been introduced to dermatology: thread lift, which replaces the conventional facelift procedure and works miracles for people who are not brave enough to undergo surgery to achieve the desired results.

The critical innovation here is, why is there a need for a more extensive procedure when a simple PDO thread lift procedure can provide immense value and help to tighten skin?

This innovation can help with skin tightening, improve facial volume, and help with natural collagen fibers.

This is a method used to lift patients’ faces without removing their skin. This means that you are not subjected to stitches or incisions, but temporary sutures are used to give your face a more lifted look. This method works wonders because it pulls your skin, makes it look smooth, and prevents it from looking loose and saggy.

Sutures also automate the body’s healing process and allow it to produce more collagen, which means you look better instantly, but it also helps your skin in the long run. The body’s healing system is activated as it wants to heal the sutured parts of the face. This process rejuvenates the skin, and the patient can see an improvement in their complexion.

Thread lift can treat different face parts, such as the eyebrows and neck.

How Does It Work?

This is a time-efficient method, as recovering from a thread lift does not take long. It is very easy to recover from this procedure, and it can be performed under local or general anesthesia. It will heal you the same day, and unlike a facelift, which requires two weeks off work, you can return to work the same day. You won’t feel much pain afterward, and you can return to your normal life.

This procedure can be undertaken by all genders who want to look younger. It is very convenient for people who work in an office or have a family with children, as it won’t take up much of your time.  It is highly recommended that you do all the necessary research before undergoing such a procedure and ask for a consultation before committing yourself.

The importance of the consultation is that it allows the surgeon to know the potential results and whether you are susceptible to complications from this procedure. Everyone’s anatomy varies, so if a friend looks good with the procedure, don’t be disappointed and think you will look the same without consulting a professional first.

What Happens Next After the PDO Thread Lift?

After this procedure, the esthetician will give you certain prescriptions and recommendations, such as not rubbing your face too much when applying the cleanser and moisturizers to keep your face hydrated.

You will also need to be careful when sleeping, and it is best to sleep in an upright position rather than lying in your arms.

Complications present with other surgeries do not occur after the thread lift. The advantage of this procedure is that, compared to other procedures, you can always go back.

In other words, if something goes wrong, you can always remove the sutures, and things will go back to normal, which makes this procedure safer than others.

It is unlikely that you will suffer from infection or irritation after this procedure, and you should contact the surgeon immediately if symptoms such as redness or pain appear.

The price is very low because it is a procedure that does not require an incision and is not surgery. The result of the thread lift does not make a huge difference, so if you are a person who likes to have a more natural look, threads are the perfect choice for you.

This procedure is performed on patients of different ages, ranging from middle-aged to the elderly. Since the difference is measured in millimeters, it is doubtful that other people will notice that you had some procedure to achieve this look.

Although the procedure is safe, the elderly or those with heart problems, for example, should be cautious because of the anesthesia, which can sometimes be dangerous for these people.

Thread lift results last from one to three years, which is a shorter period compared to a facelift.

Therefore, you must communicate properly with the person who will perform this procedure on you and let them know of any underlying health issues you may have.

Combining thread lifting with other non-surgical methods can achieve the best possible results. For example, you can use therapy after the thread lift, which also stimulates collagen formation, which will maximize the extent of the lift.

The benefits of a thread lift are many: they are more economical than other surgical methods, are faster, and allow you to return to your normal life immediately.

However, you should always think before the procedure, do all the necessary research, and make sure it’s the right choice!

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